Hightower Overview

Hightower Academy is a non-traditional school that serves the students of Dawson County Schools.

Students that choose to attend Hightower Academy must attend a orientation with a parent/guardian before they can start taking courses.  Orientations take place one time a week; please call the school office to find out when the orientation will be held.  During that orientation parents AND their student will hear about Hightower Academy and its policies and procedures. At this time it will be determined what tier your child will be placed in if he/she chooses to attend Hightower Academy.  

Students at Hightower Academy attend classes 4 days a week Monday - Thursday from 7:40-2:30.  

Hightower Academy high school students are still considered a member of DCHS.  When they complete all graduation requirements, they walk in the DCHS graduation ceremony and receive a DCHS diploma.  Also, if Hightower Academy does not offer a class or program, we work closely with DCHS to offer that program or course to your child ONLY if they are in the credit recovery or middle college programs.  If your child is at Hightower Academy for behaviors, they are not allowed on any other Dawson County School campus other than Hightower Academy which eliminates them from additional programs, courses or extracurricular activities.

Hightower Academy operates under strict policies and procedures.  All parents/guardians must sign off that they have received a copy of the student handbook and that they agree to all terms and conditions before their child will be allowed to start taking classes at Hightower Academy.

Below are a few of the guidelines that Hightower strictly enforces on a daily basis.

  • Students enrolled for behavior must wear the school uniform

  • Lunches are provided by DCJHS

  • Personal vehicles are allowed ($20 parking fee)

  • Students may return to base school prior to the end of the first 9 weeks.  If a student stays past that date they will not be able to petition back to their base school until the end of the current semester.

Graduation Requirements