Edgenuity Instructional Learning System:

  • The Edgenuity Instructional program provides instructors the opportunity to develop courses from curricula that has been correlated to the State of Georgia curriculum. In addition many courses have been developed by teachers from throughout the state that may be used in their entirety.


  • All classrooms at Hightower Academy are provided computers with Internet access. In addition there is a 12-station computer lab available for group use.

Each of the curriculum resources encompass the requirements of an individualized, self-paced, mastery learning system of instruction. These resources enable students to progress at their own pace while receiving frequent feedback, allowing them to take charge of their own learning. Each of these individually or in combination provide the means for the development of an individualized, self-paced, mastery- based course of study for each student.

High School students are in charge of their own learning. The problems sometimes associated with teacher controlled, group-paced, material-covered instruction have been removed. Students no longer are fearful of being embarrassed by asking a question, a failing grade or being compared to other students. Students are encouraged to look at their unsatisfactory scores as an indication of their progress rather than as a failure. Students are encouraged to analyze their unsatisfactory scores, determine the areas of weakness, and practice those skills until a satisfactory score is attained.

The requirements for recommendation back into regular school include age-appropriate behavior and academic achievement. The central premise of the discipline policy at Hightower Academy is cooperation. Students are taught that through cooperation they are able to accomplish the goals they set for their selves. Our expectation is that students will conduct their selves in a manner comparable to the majority of students their age. When necessary, Hightower utilizes a discipline plan that includes counseling with the student, and out-of school suspension. Hightower staff responds to each student incident on an individual basis but consistency is maintained in all aspects of the discipline policy. 

Students are provided the opportunity to apply to return to regular school at the end of each semester. If the student has demonstrated the ability and attitude that would enable them to perform at that level, he/she may present their case to the school committee for approval. The school committee is comprised of an administrator and counselor from the receiving school and a teacher and administrator from Hightower. This committee makes the final decision regarding the student’s transition.